India’s Covid crisis deepens with more than 200,000 deaths confirmed - BBC News

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In India the pandemic is getting worse with more than 200,000 deaths officially confirmed.
On average in the past week more than 340,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported each day.
Across the country hospitals are struggling with a shortage of oxygen and beds.
And there are questions about whether mutations in the coronavirus are behind the country’s huge surge in cases.
Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Yogita Limaye in Delhi and science correspondent Rebecca Morelle.
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  • orang india sangat berani tanpa alat pelindung diri memadai.

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  • This is how the British stole 45 Trillion from Indians. Effects of which are still being felt today

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  • All this is fake video

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  • It is not Modi that has brought about the COVID crisis situation in India. It is the lawless, undisciplined behaviour of the masses who failed to take precautions wearing masks, failed to adhere to social distancing, failed to avoid social gatherings ( just look at Kumbh Mela whereupon tens of millions gathered of their own choice ). More significantly, the whole healthcare system collapsed and infections as well as mortalities spiralled not through Modi's oversight, miscalculation, poor judgment or negligence but through the unscrupulous black market hoarding and profiteering of private individuals. Modi's government has set prices for all medicines, supplies. Take the COVID drug Remdesivir which should be sold at 900 rs per injection but which racketeers by hoarding, cutting off the supply, creating a bottleneck and thus pushing up the price on the Black Market were then selling at 4000 rs per injection. Modi is beyond blame and reproach in this respect. How can he control the activities of criminal underground cartels many with foreign connections. ? Could Congress prevent such activities when they were in power ? The answer is no. The seizure of 500 plus Oxygen cylinders and concentrators in Delhi recently served as an example of such cartels involving Gagan Duggal, CEO of Matrix and based in London ( son-in-law of retired General J J Singh ), Navneet Kalra, Gaurav Khanna and many others all associated with illegal trafficking not just of oxygen cylinders, arms, cellular devices etc. Furthermore, Congress rather than putting their own resources at the disposal of the needy in this situation of the pandemic are being unproductive in the mud slinging against Modi and BJP. Rahul Gandhi's accusations are akin to the the pot calling the kettle black. Under Congress, who was diverting much needed resources for our military or providing contracts for arms to private dealers thus compromising National Security ? Does anyone remember Bofors and what about Sonia Gandhi's connections with Ottavio Quattrochi ( a Sicilian Mafia drugs and arms trafficker ), Abhishek Verma (one the biggest arms dealers in the world and close Congress Party supporter)? What about all the other scams involving illegal cartels and profiteering : Coal Block scam etc ? What about companies such as HDIL, Moser Baer ( the CEO being related to Kamal Nath) and many others all of which procured contracts, engaged in insider dealing, money laundering, falsification of accounts and Ponzi schemes with impunity through their connections with Congress. Even assuming in this crisis Modi made mistakes he is human, having to deal almost single handedly with myriad issues, understaffed departments, lackadaisical work ethics among government workers, numerous logistical and infrastructural issues and problems created through 70 years of mismanagement, and in a country of 1.3 billion mired by numerous communal, cultural and other issues. The point is, can anyone prove that what he did was deliberate and for personal profit or gain either for himself or others ? If not, then he cannot be accused of corruption. Congress on the other hand can be accused of corruption manifold right up to its top leaders. Sonia Gandhi's own son,-in-law, Robert Vadra, went from a personal worth of just 50 Lacs pre marriage to Priyanka to tens of thousands of crores within a few years of marriage. Was he especially intelligent or qualified to have achieved such meteoric increase in his net worth ( for which seasoned, highly educated businessmen from families with many generations behind them of doing large scale business have not achieved ) ? When one considers also that the source of such wealth derives from property speculation reeking at the time of black money laundering the assumption of corruption and nepotism must be correct. Finally, why has Rahul, Sonia and other senior Congress members such as Chjdambaram, Nath, Digvijay Singh etc not called for a proper investigation of these oxygen cylinder, ANTICOVID medicines Black Market profiteers ? The evidence of the existence of these cartels is now clear and unequivocal and their contributory aggravating effects to the crisis. Is it because so many of these cartels have strong ties to Congress and stand to benefit from a return to Congress rule whereby they can continue to run their operations in Black ( just as their patrons in the Congress Party did thus explaining the source of the 3 trillion USD equivalent in Swiss bank accounts deposited by Indian investors during Congress Rule.) ? I can see how these cartels would deliberately create a shortage of essential medicines and supplies in this Crisis by stockpiling the same, pushing up prices, generating huge profits in black portions of which are pumped back into Congress Party coffers as well as creating mass hysteria for which Rahul Gandhi jumps on the bandwagon to find a scapegoat in Modi. Politics is dirty but the dirtiest in politics at any rate in India are Congress.

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  • China is very kind...they gave free aids to humanity across the world, it's called carona virus. Made in china. Genius...

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  • *=(تاریخِ حکمرانانِ ھندوستان)=* *غوری سلطنت سے نریندر مودی تک,* *غوری سلطنت* 1 = 1193 محمد غوری 2 = 1206 قطب الدین ایبک 3 = 1210 آرام شاہ 4 = 1211 التتمش 5 = 1236 ركن الدين فیروز شاہ 6 = 1236 رضیہ سلطان 7 = 1240 معیزالدین بہرام شاہ 8 = 1242 الہ دين مسعود شاہ 9 = 1246 ناصرالدين محمود 10 = 1266 غیاث الدین بلبن 11 = 1286 رنگ كھشرو 12 = 1287 مذدن كےكباد 13 = 1290 شمس الدین كےمرس *غوری سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -97 سال تقریبا) *خلجي سلطنت* 1 = 1290 جلال الدین فیروز خلجی 2 = 1292 الہ دین خلجی 4 = 1316 شھاب الدین عمر شاہ 5 = 1316 قطب الدین مبارک شاہ 6 = 1320 ناصر الدین خسرو شاہ *خلجی سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -30 سال تقریبا) *تغلق سلطنت* 1 = 1320 غیاث الدین تغلق (اول) 2 = 1325 محمد بن تغلق (دوم) 3 = 1351 فیروز شاہ تغلق 4 = 1388 غیاث الدین تغلق (دوم) 5 = 1389 ابوبکر شاہ 6 = 1389 محمد تغلق (سوم) 7 = 1394 الیگزینڈر شاہ (اول) 8 = 1394 ناصر الدین شاہ (دوم) 9 = 1395 نصرت شاہ 10 = 1399 ناصرالدين محمدشاہ (دوم) 11 = 1413 دولت شاه *تغلق سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -94 سال تقریبا) *سعید سلطنت* 1 = 1414 كھجر خان 2 = 1421 معیزالدین مبارک شاہ (دوم) 3 = 1434 محمد شاہ(چہارم) 4 = 1445 الہ دين عالم شاہ *سعید سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -37 سال تقریبا) *لودھی سلطنت* 1 = 1451 بهلول لودھی 2 = 1489 الیگزینڈر لودھی (دوم) 3 = 1517 ابراہیم لودھی *لودھی سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -75 سال تقریبا) *مغلیہ سلطنت* 1 = 1526 ظہیرالدين بابر 2 = 1530 ہمایوں *مغلیہ سلطنت اختتام* *سوري سلطنت* 1 = 1539 شیر شاہ سوری 2 = 1545 اسلام شاہ سوری 3 = 1552 محمود شاہ سوری 4 = 1553 ابراہیم سوری 5 = 1554 پرویز شاہ سوری 6 = 1554 مبارک خان سوری 7 = 1555 الیگزینڈر سوری *سوری سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -16 سال تقریبا) *مغلیہ سلطنت دوبارہ* 1 = 1555 همايوں(دوبارہ گدی نشین) 2 = 1556 جلال الدين اکبر 3 = 1605 جہانگیر سلیم 4 = 1628 شاہ جہاں 5 = 1659 اورنگزیب 6 = 1707 شاہ عالم (اول) 7 = 1712 بهادر شاہ 8 = 1713 پھاروكھشير 9 = 1719 ريپھد راجت 10 = 1719 ريپھد دولا 11 = 1719 نےكشييار 12 = 1719 محمود شاہ 13 = 1748 احمد شاہ 14 = 1754 عالمگیر 15 = 1759 شاہ عالم 16 = 1806 اکبر شاہ 17 = 1837 بہادر شاہ ظفر *مغلیہ سلطنت اختتام* (دور حکومت -315 سال تقریبا) *برطانوی راج* 1 = 1858 لارڈ كینگ 2 = 1862 لارڈ جیمز بروس یلگن 3 = 1864 لارڈ جهن لورےنش 4 = 1869 لارڈ رچارڈ میو 5 = 1872 لارڈ نورتھبك 6 = 1876 لارڈ ایڈورڈ لٹین 7 = 1880 لارڈ جيورج ریپن 8 = 1884 لارڈ ڈفرین 9 = 1888 لارڈ هنني لےسڈون 10 = 1894 لارڈ وکٹر بروس یلگن 11 = 1899 لارڈ جيورج كرجھن 12 = 1905 لارڈ گلبرٹ منٹو 13 = 1910 لارڈ چارلس هارڈج 14 = 1916 لارڈ فریڈرک سےلمسپھورڈ 15 = 1921 لارڈ ركس ايجےك رڈيگ 16 = 1926 لارڈ ایڈورڈ ارون 17 = 1931 لارڈ پھرمےن وےلگدن 18 = 1936 لارڈ اےلےكجد لنلتھگو 19 = 1943 لارڈ اركبالڈ وےوےل 20 = 1947 لارڈ ماؤنٹ بیٹن *برطانوی سامراج کا اختتام*🇮🇳بھارت، وزرائے اعظم,, 1 = 1947 جواہر لال نہرو 2 = 1964 گلزاری لال نندا 3 = 1964 لال بهادر شاستری 4 = 1966 گلزاری لال نندا 5 = 1966 اندرا گاندھی 6 = 1977 مرارجی ڈیسائی 7 = 1979 چرن سنگھ 8 = 1980 اندرا گاندھی 9 = 1984 راجیو گاندھی 10 = 1989 وشوناتھ پرتاپسه 11 = 1990 چندرشیکھر 12 = 1991 پيوينرسه راؤ 13 = 1992 اٹل بہاری واجپائی 14 = 1996 چڈيدے گوڑا 15 = 1997 ايل كےگجرال 16 = 1998 اٹل بہاری واجپائی 17 = 2004 منموھن سنگھ 18 = 2014 نریندر مودی *764 سالوں تک مسلم بادشاھت ہونے کے باوجود بھی ہندو، ھندوستان میں باقی ہیں. مسلمان حکمرانوں نے کبھی بھی ان کے ساتھ ناروا سلوک نہیں کیا* اور ۔۔۔۔ *ھندوں کو اب تک 100 سال بھی نہیں ہوئے اور یہ مسلمانوں کو ختم کرنے کی بات کرتے ہیں* ضروری گزارش!! یہ معلومات طلباءاوراساتذہ میں عام کریں۔ جزاکم اللّه خیراً کثیرا

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  • Pray for our brothers & sisters in India. They are often heavily persecuted for their faith and now C-19 is destroying families and leaving behind Orphans. If you want to help, see here: ​

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  • Stupid Government stop Voting this BJP sala

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  • Hoax

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  • Corona virus : this china virus created by Chinese government, WHO agent of China, for all death china is responsible.

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  • *कोरोनामुळे खरंच खूप माणसं मरत आहेत का?* या प्रश्नाचं उत्तर शोधण्यासाठी मी गुगलवर गेलो आणि म्हटलं, सांग रे बाबा, भारताचा मृत्यूदर? (Death rate in India in last 5 years) *तर आकडे येतात ते असे* 2017 - 7.24% 2018 - 7.23% 2019 - 7.27% 2020 - 7.30% 2021 - 7.34% वरील आकडे लक्षात घेतले तर लक्षात येईल की, काही पॉईंट्समध्ये आकडे वाढत आहेत. *पण मूळ 7 हा आकडा हललेला नाही तोही अगदी 2007 पासून.* उलट आपण जसजसे मागे जाऊ तसा हा मृत्यूदर वाढलेला दिसेल. अगदी 1970 च्या दशकात तर मृत्यूदर 17% होता. आधुनिक वैद्यकीय तंत्रामुळे हा आकडा खाली खाली येत आता 7% वर आलेला आहे. आता मूळ मुद्दयावर परत येऊ. गेल्या 5 वर्षात मृत्यूदरात फार काही फरक दिसत नाही. *मग आत्ताच हाहाकार किंवा मृत्यूचे तांडव वगैरे का वाटतेय?* याचं मुख्य आणि एकमेव कारण म्हणजे *बातम्या* गेल्या 5-10 वर्षात साधारण जेवढी माणसं दरवर्षी मरत होती. तेवढीच आत्ताही मरत आहेत. *पण फरक एकच...* 5-10 वर्षापूर्वी राज्यात/ जिल्ह्यात/गावात मरणार्‍या माणसांचे एकत्रित आकडे आपल्यापर्यंत पोहचत नव्हते. शेवटी जो जन्माला आलाय तो कधी ना कधी मरणारच आहे. *पण उगीच बातम्या बघून घाबरून मरू नका.* *घरात बसा. सुरक्षित रहा. आनंदात जगा* (तरीही शंका असेल तर google search मारून स्वतः बघा)

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  • At the end , will the main creator and culprit of Corona finally get a HARSH punishment?

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  • Thanks BBC for showing the truth of covid crisis and shamelessly hopeless rule of government.

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 We all suffering , crying and Blaming to Government. Is government ONLY responsible for this pedantic ? ? ? ?.... No No No, But we all are Responsible because we're giving and join the political rally, we're going and sitting in Cricket stadium . We must punished because we're guilty. 👹😭👹😭👹😭👹😭👹👹😭👹👹😭👹😭👹😭

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  • No doubt Its a bio war on my country india, no second wave in neighbouring country where the people not even wearing mask we will be back soon like Phoenix though lost four of my relatives in this so called second wave i pary God to give health and strength to all my front line workers JAIHIND

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  • Enter WHO in India to save poor people from covid

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  • Save Indian people from govt, human rights India ltd they are eating grass please know what is fact

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  • Plz dont spread unneccessary rumours about India and it's people. We are far off better than other countries.

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  • Travel anywhere without any reason thats all this happen there were not only government is responsible we are careless people also So please stay home stay safe were 2 mask and stop this hell

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  • When nurse talk in pain😭😭😭😭

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  • Tears 😭

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  • I can't see this :( :( :( !! ! Ya Allah, please help them ! please have mercy on them!!

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  • Stay strong indian🇮🇳👳

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  • Omg

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  • Good

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  • Stay safe

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  • How many of them were still alive and they claimed as death and burnt... .... oh god save this world from heartless doctors and whomever who involved in this plan .....

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  • wish you.good Indian, respect from CHINA

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    • Thank you

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  • 🙏🏿 my heart ❤️ hoes out to India 🇮🇳

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  • Yet in America people refuse to get vaccinated but in India people are dying while government only cares about Greed !

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  • May ALLAH save people of india. Love from Karachi, Pakistan ❤❤ 🇵🇰 #PakistanstandswithIndia 🇮🇳

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  • 200,000 out of 1 500 000 000 , deaths from ?

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  • Stay strong

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  • After somedays main stream media will say modi ne corona ko prevent kiya

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  • The bible says if my people who are called by my name would humble them self and pray. I would hear from heaven and heal their land

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    • Bible is fake

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  • BBC is useless. Alhamdulillah

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  • India is grave yard😂

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    • And you're a heartless monster

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  • call to God a true great God no one but Jesus Christ

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  • 👍👍

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  • Don't take tention we are Indians we will face our problems you bloody go to hell get lost there is no short supply

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  • Biggest heros are our sihk community tht are working 24 hrs a day doing food parcel delivering cylinders hve prepared over 100s of beds in the gudwara for non emergency cases and giving after care to the families thy are surely the true soilders at this time of much love to them for their hard work and dedication..working around the clock travelling as far as thy can to get the oxygen..pls support there charity's here in the uk do thy can get more oxygen to there community's in india ...these heros hve not even seen there own families in days thy are barley getting any sleep thy r amazing alhamdulillah..god is great

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  • Mutant virus... Please make way back to China where it all started...

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  • The medicine is only Jesus

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  • It's a biological weapon used by china...

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  • Where those crypt politician and rich mr Ambani tats can even provide oxygen to public where is millionaires Bollywood actors shame on them can even import oxygen to other countries . Stay strong my heart with u who died this virous

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  • Living in India i cant tell how much my blood boils seeing innocent poor people dying . People here already have to work so hard to make ends meet . The govt has surely failed all of them

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  • 😢😭 RIP

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  • Ty modi

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  • Stay strong

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  • Stay strong , Indian

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  • Stay strong india... indonesia always with you...

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  • Save us

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  • So sad

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  • hurt so much

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  • Stap story indey

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  • BBC world worst media

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  • Dumb country should go on to full fucken lockdown and get the fucken oxygen, dumb retarded government

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  • Any chance this is the Almighty, one true God striking? See how it rained down on India after massive celebration of their idol. And I think the china's one escalated after their new year festival. Notice how other explanations was used to explain away God's judgement in the bible instead of believing that it was God dishing out or rather allowing the punishment. I'm just saying, may be we all looking at this at the wrong angle. Could it be God warning/talking?

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  • Funny how they never mention the Gudwara giving out free oxygen to the public.

    Gurvinder choliaGurvinder cholia7 दिन पहले
  • People died and born every day but please dont put all deaths in covid account allocate some deaths in other accounts like heart failure kidney liver failure traffic accident etc. Media give us impression that all other death accounts are closed and only covid19 is open.

  • Chinese Covid-19 is research.

    Big WorldBig World7 दिन पहले
  • They need to have a lockdown

    Umais cool ProUmais cool Pro7 दिन पहले
  • So sad

    kalai ravi99kalai ravi997 दिन पहले

    Imraan Mohamed farahImraan Mohamed farah7 दिन पहले
  • care them from covid19

    Arun SoryaArun Sorya7 दिन पहले
  • Super

    Murugammal MurugammalMurugammal Murugammal7 दिन पहले
  • Bagwan help 100% 😉

  • Hope everything will be back in normal soon. God bless India.

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  • Very bad situation and heart breaking condition everywhere in India. Because of the government careless. 😱😱😭😭🙀🙀

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  • The sad news is, corona vaccine companies like astra zenica has said they cant share the formula with developing world, same with other vaccination makers. The target is not to save lives but to make as much money as possible. Corona is a business too it seems like. If you want to save lives, share your formulas

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  • Mslims ke gharon ko aag lagani ho ya lootna ho to bjp k ghunday truck bher ker petrol le atay hein. Aj log mer rahay hein to yeh ghuday logon ki help nain ker saktay? Sirf bardadi kerni hi ati hey bjp k ghundon ko?

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  • Bahgwan jaldi chala jaye ye corona or sb log thik ho jaye 🙏

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  • This what happens to a country if you have a irresponsible government. A government which does not care about the welfare and well being of the people. It is time for Indians to kick their leader out of power. He is solely responsible for the plight of Indians going through. I can't bear to see my brothers and sisters in India going through hell at this time. Only god can help Indians to return to normalcy of lives. We in Singapore watch helplessely as events in India unfolds before our very eyes.

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  • اللهم عجل فرج وليك العدل المنتظر اللهم اظهر المهدي المنتظر

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  • And Saddam had weapons of mass destruction! Also?

    Capn BirdseyeCapn Birdseye8 दिन पहले
  • That's fake !!! Fake news like usual !!!!!!!

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  • कुछ कोरोना से मरेंगे, कुछ भूख से, कुछ नफरत से, कुछ बिन इलाज मरेंगे जो बच जाएंगे वे कर्ज से मर जायेंगे !

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  • Ellavareyum kaathukollane daivame🙏😔😔

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