Glasgow climate change summit faces huge challenges - BBC News

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Glasgow is due to host the COP26 climate talks in 2021. It's a crucial meeting on the future of the planet involving leaders from all over the world.
Their aim is to agree on the latest coordinated round of measures to tackle climate change. But the challenges are huge.
Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by science editor David Shukman.
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  • same agenda as covid, thats funny isnt it. co2 is needed for plants you dead heads! stay at home and do not travel. data from 2000 years??? ha ha. maybe you could jab the world so they can not reproduce? they will tell us any old rubbish to get what they want, they will be telling us they sent a helicopter to mars next, thats how stupid its getting.

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  • this Saturday there will be close to a million people

  • Cant stand scottish people🤣😆👎

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  • Climate changes only in stupid heads of shizofren

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  • CO2 and "climate change" is just a PR friendly code word for....THE PLANETS FUCKED!..PEOPLE ARE FUCKED!...THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED!...THE WORLD CONSUMES TOO MUCH RESOURCES!...WE HAVE AN ENERGY CRISIS AND NO VIABLE OPTION TO MEET ENERGY DEMANDS EXCEPT FOSSIL FUEL!(IN A WORLD OF PEAK OIL)! Or....nahh....the ONLY issue is, you are producing too much of an invisible, inert gas (that plants use to grow) and has widely varied in atmospheric concentration throughout earths life cycle.(when atmospheric conditions led to 15 foot long millipedes crawling on earth).

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  • We just need MORE windfarms people!...geez,whats the big deal?....THEN we can have endless growth and consumption without having to reduce the population...uhh...somehow... Come on guys!.....the REAL issue isnt dwindling resources, peak oil and a population JUST need to produce less CO2 gas!...simple guys

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  • Absolute lies.

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  • Rumble, BitChute and Brand New Tube have uncensored : Plandemic parts 1 and 2

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  • Legendary Glasgow teaching the rest of the world on this ...

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  • The leaders are just mocking humanity

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  • Climate scam is all about extracting more money out of libsheeple

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  • The government used to have a program to insulate homes but it benefited too many brown and black people so it became politicized

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  • scientist hurt themselves cuz they don't tell the truth. Fascism is the biggest enemy to climate protectors. And the reason why is because when they try to make a change like insulating homes it helps out too many brown and black people so the issue becomes politicized.

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  • Another hoax

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  • Malthusian controvery? vs Moore's Law.

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  • Yeah, like no one wants to walk there. They all get there on fossil fuels to beech about the plebes.

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  • all going to fly in from all over the world in big jumbo jets makes sense 🤔

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  • High levels of poverty in Glasgow can only be solved by a independent Scotland.

  • All pointless, China accounts for almost a third of the planet's pollution and they refuse to even slow down for the next two decades.

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  • Growth of the economy with the current model is impossible without destroying the world

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  • Have you watched a lot of BBC content on the pandemic? If so... this is 45 mins of your time very well spent.

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  • We could of stop using fossil fuels from the 60s 🤨

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  • Планета природа умерает за вину человека

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  • Save Our Planet

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  • We should all have green lockdowns next just to make sure all the small businesses are wiped out so the oligarchs can buy them out, that will be a simplified shopping experience.

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    • USA Weather Channel Founder John Coleman Exposed the climate change govt money grab tax over 10 yrs ago 0 disappeared beach shorelines in every capital city in every country on planet Earth

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  • Strange how they don’t mention they are already controlling the weather with Geo engineering

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  • Demand #Greenwashing giants be held accountable for plastic waste! Sign+share #ClimateAction #plasticpollution

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  • ban plastic bag it will please spirit of nature What is non woven bag? It is made using spun and bond polypropylene fibre, and it is soft and air-permeable. Non-woven bags are made of non-biodegradable plastic. They are prepared on a machine by spreading rolls of plastic.

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  • Get rid of SUVs - no-one needs such huge cars. And trying to electrify them is so wasteful. Just ban the things.

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  • @ Climate change with Chiquita ™ HACCp Cyber intel core i7

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  • my licence fee is paying for this bilge?

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  • Do not worry. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates will join forces, using Bitcoins and 5G technology and save the World. Or so they say.

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  • Campaigns against fossil fuels have little more basis in science than campaigns against vaccines for the small number of side effects, i.e. they neglect the huge benefits of fossil fuels. Billions of people have been lifted out of poverty thanks to fossil fuels, life expectancy extended and life improved immeasurably. CO2 is not a "pollutant" like CFCs or particulates. CO2 benefits plant life, and global crop yields thanks to nitrogen based fertilisers (a byproduct of fossil fuels). The real "emergency" in the world is poverty, that requires development and affordable energy. It is economic development that allows countries to cope better with any challenges from climate change to covid. This blather about tackling "climate change" is a deliberately dishonest obfuscation: the climate has always changed. A famous statistician once said that "all models are wrong, some are useful". Climate models have a track record or failure and when they are not wrong they have made predictions so wide as to be practically useless. There is nothing stopping anyone investing in "green" energy schemes, but the people who promote the idea of a "climate emergency" don't often believe it themselves. That is why Al Gore and Obama bought expensive beach front properties, they are not worried about rising sea levels.

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  • Oh well, I’ll throw a few more logs into my wood burner, it’s nippy today

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  • *“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.” Greg Hunt, Australian Federal Health Minister, February 2021.*

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  • Glasgow welcomes climate change.

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  • We must act now! Time is running out. Human beings are capable of great things when they work together.

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    • "Ticking timers are legitimately one of the most effective ways to set customers into action. From a psychological perspective, customers tend to automatically lean towards the “action route” (purchasing, subscribing, or reserving a service) when their purchasing decisions are based on urgency. This, for most potential customers, kicks in the instinct of fear of missing the deal. Ticking timers give customers a sense of urgency, which subsequently drives up sales and conversions." A classic sales technique. When they proclaim 'we have no time' they mean they have no time to wait until they profit from conversion rates from existing markets to the alternative ones they themselves are invested in. I'll let you connect the dots up for yourselves. They take us for the fools they educated us to be.

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    • Stop consuming so much, buy less today.

      Liam GrossLiam Gross9 दिन पहले
    • oh, and send us your money.. we have the solutions. LOL

      richard frenchrichard french9 दिन पहले
  • BBC......still nonsense journalism.

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  • 롸잇..나우..급.. 은, may,4( tue).. 2;30..도..ed.. 원ㄹㅐ… 카..ㅆ..지구.. ㄴㅈㄱ..껀.. 느논..가꼬.. 도.. 디요디요질..을..햇던.. 18’..jan..에도.. ㅈㅅㄱㄷㅐ노코.. 구갱..급.. ..갂자.. 늘..배ㅊ..면..으로.. 고ㄷㅐ로..급..로.. 햇던..대로..g랄..로..놀ㄱ..나..잇는.. 마ㅈㅓ.. ..한달..전..정도..되나.. 중... 미.. ‘니덜..인권...엉망..” ..’ㄴㅣ덜..이..더..지옦..야..” ..덜..지옦..보다.. 원래..로는.. ㅈㅣ옦.. 도.. 아닌.. 원ㄹㅐ.. 중굮..중심..체계..해논..의.. 따윢장..에.. 14얶..의..중굮ㅈㅇ.. 은.. ㅋㅏㅆ..지구...엿다 는.. 한..달..전..에..ㅈㅐ..홖인.. 나머ㅈㅣ..ㅈㅇ..ㄷㅏ,ㅂㅣ워줘야.. 하는.

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  • The small man can do his bit but when he sees the big guy doing nothing what does he think?

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  • greatest challenge bbc

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  • WOKE School we entering ICE Age then 20 yeah later Scotland wouldn't see any snow then 2020 China Garbage now 2021 end off world climate disaster and 1 billion more problems in India ALL a bit BULL

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  • watch why climate change is important on 🌳🌱🌎🌍🌧️⛈️🌩️🌊

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  • watch why climate change is important on 🌳🌱🌎🌍🌧️⛈️🌩️🌊

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  • It’ll just be a big bean feast and backslapping for the politicians they’ll just gas at each other like all previous COPS. Anyway why can’t they zoom it. 30000 people flying in from all over the world expending tons of CO2 to attend a summit to reduce this how ironic!!

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  • What a load of shite

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  • London & New York are at stake due to C.C. So, the U.S & U.K shall work with China, India to curb CO2 though other unsettled issues are remaining with those countries.

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  • never before has such a deadly diseases vaccine need to be advertised so hard RESTRICTIONS WILL NOT END ON JUNE 21ST. this is false hope to increase vax uptake, I will bet anyone, officially £250 at a bookies that this will be the case, and before the june 21st date we will have some news story that supports this. who wants to make that bet?

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  • 2:00. I'm so tired of this typical rhetoric that it's the average person that needs to "pull their weight" to tackle climate change. What a load of BS. YES driving less and running ac less will help, but it's a drop in the bucket as bigger corporations just spew out enough co2 for an entire city population. This has always been the big con of talking about global warming. Put it on the little guy, the big guy surely isn't to blame and listens to the little guy...right? .... Stop government subsidies for coal, start them for renewables and small nuclear.

    CannabisCultureTechLifeCannabisCultureTechLife9 दिन पहले
    • Why do you automatically accept their premise higher co2 and warm temps is bad?

      richard frenchrichard french9 दिन पहले
  • Britain who contribute less than 1% of global emissions...

    It's Ok Rock LeeIt's Ok Rock Lee9 दिन पहले
  • So that's why they faked a pandemic!!! "We can do something if we drive less, use less coal.."

    Akash TodkarAkash Todkar9 दिन पहले
  • Anyone visiting Glasgow in November will be hard pushed to find any evidence of global warming and wonder what all the fuss is about. But it should be a nice little earner for the WEF, so I'm sure they'll turn the heating up full blast in the SEC.

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  • NDL

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  • This is very good thing

    You Can DoYou Can Do9 दिन पहले

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  • Man-made global warming is a lie, you are going to make your countries poor. If you want to stop a country from burning coal, stop China.

    Dusty BootDusty Boot9 दिन पहले
  • That’s were rich people fly in on private jets to tell poor people not to fly private jets 👍

    Jp YoungJp Young9 दिन पहले
    • 90% of the global population have never flown and are not likely to do so.

      Tid TidyTid Tidy7 दिन पहले
  • *They've only just allowed the sun and the particles in the models. The old models were nonsense.*

    Miele RodriguezMiele Rodriguez9 दिन पहले
    • @Miele Rodriguez Sure, you've identified the culprit. But who is responsible? Nature, or mankind? Or both? The answer is clearly both, but increasingly this is a man-made problem. Ever since the industrial revolution.

      Hgbnk BggjHgbnk Bggj9 दिन पहले
    • @Hgbnk Bggj *Dont be scared of science son. What if the cause is not CO2, the wonderful plant food that greens the planet.*

      Miele RodriguezMiele Rodriguez9 दिन पहले
    • What? This makes little sense. Temperatures are temperatures, regardless of the cause. And it is known that since the industrial revolution temperatures have spiked dramatically. The obvious correlation is that man has warmed the planet.

      Hgbnk BggjHgbnk Bggj9 दिन पहले
  • ~!@@~American virus /American AIDS /American flu Coronavirus originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred at the U.S. Virus Laboratory in Frederick, Maryland, U.S. in 2019, and the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth The flu comes from the U.S., AIDS comes from the United States,Covid-19 come from the United States.

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  • Save planet. Plant trees.

    tiffanytiffany9 दिन पहले
  • Non- issue. Another scam from those who brought you the plandemic.

    Sterling FortesSterling Fortes9 दिन पहले
  • 2:07 Ever get the idea the CONVID plandemic wasn't really about a virus, rather cLIEmate policy in disguise?

    Roy JacksonRoy Jackson9 दिन पहले
  • Gonna burn a load of garbage in the back yard right now. Think I'll chuck some plastic on as well.

    Roy JacksonRoy Jackson9 दिन पहले
  • "climate crisis" is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE🤣🌎🌡👉☀️

    Александр КурбатовАлександр Курбатов9 दिन पहले
  • Geothermal energy for one, wireless energy transfer for another. Energy recovery and improvements to efficiency, it's all another sticking point.🧠🤯📈🎐

    Curtis CarpenterCurtis Carpenter9 दिन पहले
    • we have wireless energy transfer. It is called the sun.

      richard frenchrichard french9 दिन पहले
  • FOCUS ON MEAT EATING. Animal husbandry is most of the pollution!

    EA DEA D9 दिन पहले
  • Climate is always gonna change. Ice ages etc... Complete lies. Difference between climate and environment... People seem to conflate the 2... Tell ya what... Il give up my lifestyle when the rich political elite give up the suv and jets... Till then go fk yourselves.

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  • I ❤ global warming

    Callum nathanCallum nathan9 दिन पहले
  • No reason to have summits for non-issues

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  • NDL

    Andre MonroeAndre Monroe9 दिन पहले
  • Coal is very important. What these climate change trolls are trying to do is to create more unemployment.

    John SamuelsJohn Samuels9 दिन पहले
  • There is no climate change.

    John SamuelsJohn Samuels9 दिन पहले
  • Nothing progress gonna happen in climate change due to countries who tries to be Rich.

    Sagar PuriSagar Puri9 दिन पहले
  • ... 내보고..오라..가라.. 태굮.. … ㅇㅔ.. ..빟기갑..라도.. 꽁짜..주는..un..래도.. ...골벵..든..병원ㅂ..에..ㄴㅏ,보태ㅇㅑ..급ㅎㄷㅐ로.. 병원.. 따로.. 눈깔..앾..도..필요.. ..빟기..티켓..만..명령..질로..보내놧으도.. 꼬고..갈.. 링ㄱㅔ루..비용은..사ㅂ..로..충당.. 아녀?.. 도대체?..

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  • An for the Geniuses who say more renewable energy is the solution but u notice they always miss out hydro power..... the planets 80 % water....... tidal power rivers always get missed somehow becuse they probably work too well an not enough money to be made

    Kevin FordKevin Ford9 दिन पहले
  • If climate change is such a concern then why the constant push for increased population, manufacturing and consumer profits? By far the largest contributor to man made pollution is tax and debt interest.

    icedcoffeeicedcoffee9 दिन पहले
  • Let me guess the solutions is throw public money at it raise taxes oh an tell us how bad we all are for using the products these very same governments told us to use.... now it’s our fault?????? An come on BBC going back 2000 years is very dodgy as if u use the NASA milancovich scale you’ll see the climate is a cycle which is more complicated than your very simple explanation.... taking your script straight from Gates.....

    Kevin FordKevin Ford9 दिन पहले
  • 🚬Smoking break at the plant 😂

    Paul GibbonsPaul Gibbons9 दिन पहले
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    • @see you later point 9. What evidences back up that scripted philosophy?

      Paul GibbonsPaul Gibbons9 दिन पहले
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Eliminate all the unnecessary things as much as you can by organising yourself well with the environments. 9, Never believe anything without the proper evidences. 10, Always try to give more than you take. Because it is dignity/ character of the divinity within you. People are controlled by system why? The Cyclical Consumption is the current economy all over the World. It is making the scarcity problems of the earth finite resources to deteriorate day by day. Current Monetary System is legalised theft. Real money is Gold and Silver. Scarcity gives the money more value. Real money won't lose it's value. When Governments stay away from Gold & Silver then very easy to transfer the wealth / resources to upper class the Rich (Corporatocracy) Elite. When the Governments are printing out more new fiat currency with reserve banks, our old currency is losing its purchasing power everyday. They are printing millions of currency everyday. All governments and laws are existing right now to transfer wealth to upper class the rich elite. The USA Government & other Governments are in many countries, bailed the investment banks & financial institutions in 2008 against the majority of the people. There is no democracy in any countries. Because of the Money System based on profits motive only above all else even humans lives and well-being. So, we do not have freedom to protect our values with the money so on. The violence, bankruptcy & all the negativities are build into the Monetary System of our society. All are owned (including ourselves) by Reserve Bank. Which is private cartel the corporation. So, in legal system, we are legally considered as chattel the properties. They make money in the capital markets with our birth certificates. They do not consider us as Humans. That's the truth. We are at the invisible war with the Elites (Corporatocracies). We have to fight for our Freedom. Resource Based Economy is the Solution. We have to declare the earth resources as the heritage of all the people of this world. So everyone has access to it. Please have your research about zeitgeist movement then you know the truth more. 🌎 As long as people continue to see themselves as separate from everything else, they lend themselves to being completely enslaved. Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us. Joy comes from that bliss of connectedness. I believe that unarmed truth and love will have the final word in reality. To love; you should have good heart. I am a good person until I see a person better than my standard of goodness. Being good is the progress towards a worthy cause. Love is God. Whoever lives in love, lives forever. How selfish it is to try to keep something forever? Love is all about nourishing, nurturing, sharing and expanding the love within you for all. The principle to which we adhere to is that we have kindness of love at heart for the whole of mankind. As long as there is the unnecessary differences within us; we can not live peacefully so we have to eliminate all the unnecessary differences among us so we can love all. People abilities may vary but not there true love. If we love a person/ God for a reason then we love the reason but not the person. No reason is the reason to love the person because true love never fails. So do not compare or measure the true love as first or the last but love all truly. If you love people truly then you can understand people. If you don't love then you don't understand people at all. Well, I truly love God. I am not religious but very spiritual person. So, I believe 1) Religion is the beliefs in someone experiences But spirituality is having my own experiences. The mainstream religions people promote religious ideology by giving guidelines and guide but In my spiritual life; I do not want anyone or anything between God and me to restrict my freedom to worship God. 2) We do not need any authorities to do good work. The god work is the good work always. In contrast; organised mainstream religions are claiming that they have the authorities to do God works as leaders so on. 3) God is not capable of doing wrong thing, change the past for us and create anything out of nothing for us. Nothing means not anything. So, even God is limited. The mainstream religious people believe that God is unlimited 4) God wants us to take responsibilities for our righteousness life but not for all the consequences of our actions because they are continued to exist among us. So, How can god punish us for all our consequences? The mainstream religious people believe we are full of sins because of all our actions. 5) Freewill is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure. So, we do not have choices all the time. In contrast teachings of the mainstream religions are promoting people to do god's will always because we all have choices of freewill always. 6) We can not separate everything into groups. So, everything for good and evil and there's no success and failure for everything. If everything is real then real things can not be threatened. Once you come to understand that God/The Holy Spirit is in each of us, You will no longer need a Book to tell you how to live. Then why we need religious scriptures? The Virtue is the expression of the basic goodness in our actions. The Basic goodness is the fundamental worthiness of every individuals. We are worthy to God always in everything. 7) Beliefs in a cruel God makes a cruel man. No matter what; every living creatures has the right to live and What makes their life cheap? Everything depends on everything. Nothing too big or too small in value. We can not love and hate at the same time; Being a vegetarian means love without cruelty happily. The mainstream religious people are killing people and sacrificing animals in the name of God. They promote God's cruel punishments. The Punishment is endless for Sinners/Devil according to religious scriptures. But God is love always. Overcome hate with love. If all religions for peace, unity? No way. Because they are not for peace. 8) Well, The God gave us everything to go from moment to moment in our lives as we do our part and pray only to thank god then the Love is in progress. The Love is always for everyone. We are always worthy of the God's love. Our greatest fear is; not to be loved by anyone but we are all loved by someone. When we eliminate all our unnecessary differences among us then true peaceful life is possible with the true love. If we can't find the peace within ourselves then we will never find it anywhere else. 9) This is the Fight for independence and freedom of humanity to worship God freely without religious guide and guidelines to restrict us. Unnecessarily, We do not want third party controls over us in anything ; especially in spirituality. 10) Revive Survive Thrive. Sincerely, The Real Peacemaker against religious oppression. Truth About Health/Drugs Industry Because Of It Your Life At High Risk The drug industry is a 1/2 trillion dollars a year worldwide conglomerate. Almost 300 billions dollars just in North America. That is really big business. What would happen if everyone were well? There is no money in health. You see, good health makes a lot of sense but it doesn't make a lot of dollars. Because everything they do is toxic. Every drug they use, prescription drugs, all drugs are liver toxic, bar none. If you've had amalgam fillings put in your mouth by dentists. It is highly toxic. There's cancer because most of the chemos are themselves carcinogens. To view the tumor as the cancer and we know the tumor is not the cancer. The cancer industry is 200 billions dollars a year. The more work they get, the more profit there is. You have to dismantle; If the truth ever came out about what we would need to do. 30% of people of females in America are at risk of getting, will get cancer of the breast. The ones that are already dead have been grossly mistreated by the medical profession and by the government that supposedly is supposed to encourage free research and development of all possibilities. Why would medical doctors who studied medicine and practice medicine and are heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies why would they go and look into vitamins? That they never had the answer orthomolecular. And as more and more of our population start taking their health into their own hands, there's going to be even more and more of changes. It can't go on the way it is. The system is failing apart. We must make nutrition the primary prevention strategy for the population. You are what you eat. You are everything that you have ever done to yourself. The choices you make directly affect the outcome of your life. - (Food Matters Documentary in Netflix) 😊

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  • Life stock is much worse

    General senhor blueGeneral senhor blue9 दिन पहले
  • Shove your left wing green agenda. They want us to live like medieval peasants while they still live the life of Reilly flying around in their private jets at everyone elses expense. Do one 👌

    Mikey LMikey L9 दिन पहले
    • @Mikey L by the left you mean scientists..... and the reason many right leaning politicians disagree with it is usually it involves some sort of destabilisation of oil mining or toxic power source in the middle east. That they themselves profit from or have firms that profit from.

      ScotalianScotalian9 दिन पहले
    • @Scotalian there isn't any proper research only bought left wing scientists who won't go against the narrative either because they are shills or worried for their job/funding etc so say as they are told to.

      Mikey LMikey L9 दिन पहले
    • @Scotalian funny how its the left pushing the covid and climate change agendas. Both are all about control and 99% of the time both will be mentioned together in the same video, article etc by the same left leaning people.

      Mikey LMikey L9 दिन पहले
    • Dude climate change isn’t a political matter it’s a human matter, do some proper research into the subject and do one 👌

      ScotalianScotalian9 दिन पहले
  • ..머..일단.. 내..느무..늦은.. 일상..생활..까지.. ..ㄷㅔ.. .... … 조동ㄴㅔ..동ㄴㅔ..도..랩..쏘리.. ...뽀..해가..카ㅆ..지구..에서..ㅃㅐ달라.. ...10얶..ㄷㅏ를.. 랩..쏘리.. ...ㄸ리..해가..ㄴㅈㄱ..? ..환장..하겟네..부ㅈㅏ..회장… ..개s..도..앙..하ㄴ.. ㄱㅐ망상의,숨쉬 ㄱㅣ..를..내가,햇냐고? ..4y..동안..라도?..

    느님못생겨ᄊ느님못생겨ᄊ9 दिन पहले
    • Whats with all the dots? ...

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  • QUANTUM FINANCE !!! It is a network based on sovereignty and commerce. As we will see in a moment, the QFS cannot do without its design challenge, namely that it is an AI-based consensus system. As mentioned in other contributions, human involvement in counterparty agreements must be managed through selective consensus in order to avoid unnecessary obscuring of the decision-making power. Quantum Finance is an interdisciplinary field that applies theories and methods developed by quantum physicists and economists to solve problems in finance. It is a branch of so-called economic physics. In the case of a non-interest-based system, it must be determined that a correct "reset" does not result in any dependencies on loans or debts which lead to an "overfunding" of assets.

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  • The Anti-Human Agenda that underpins the NWO (New World Order) is moving sharply into view with the advent of the COVID scamdemic (Operation Coronavirus) and its experimental nano-infused mRNA tools of destruction they are calling “vaccines.” Underneath all the chaos is a coldly calculated and chilling plan which is an entirely anti-human agenda. Gates either invests in, funds or directly controls GMO crops, GMO animals (e.g. mosquitoes), synthetic food, eugenics-driven research on fertility (e.g. testicle-smashing contraceptives, microchips that deliver contraceptives and last up to 16 years, or straight out sterilization campaigns, as well as depopulation campaigns), chemtrails/ geoengineering, vaccines (Watch Bill Gates Admitting That His $10 Billion Investment In Vaccines Brought Him $200 BILLIONS), the media, manmade climate change propaganda, pandemic simulations (i.e. pandemic planning and orchestration), organizations modeling pandemics like The Imperial College and IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation), large international health organizations like the WHO, GAVI and CEPI, and much much more - all the while buying up more farmland in the USA than any other single person. Gates’ most recent wacky idea is to combine the GM mosquitoes and vaccines to produce flying syringes - genetically modified mosquitoes that would inject you. Gates even had the audacity recently to show off his love of beef burgers while telling everyone that they’re going to have to eat synthetic, lab-made meat soon instead. ‘ All these things that Gates is touching are involved, in one way or another, with the replacement of the real with the fake: • Instead of real food, he promotes fake food. • Instead of real health, he promotes fake health or more simply disease. • Instead of real information, he promotes fake information or more simply propaganda. • Instead of real science he promotes the fake science of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) or manmade climate change. • Instead of life-affirming research on improving fertility, he promotes life-destroying research to increase infertility.

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  • Looking forward to hearing from Modi, a self-proclaimed scientist and professional liar. Expecting to hear him say we have installed windmills in the sea as well as on land to cool down Earth's temperatures as they will work as a fan for Earth. This will solve the global warming problem.

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  • A little calculation of the population situation on earth. There are people who invoke the threat of an alleged "overpopulation". What is it? Let's do the math in a slightly simplified way. The world population is currently estimated at around 7.8 billion people. For simplicity, let's say 8 billion. In digits: 8,000,000,000 Now let's allocate 100 m2 of living space to every single person. From newborns to old people on their deathbeds, every person has 100 m2 of living space at their disposal throughout their life. 8 billion people x 100 m2 of living space = 800 billion m2 of living space requirement Let's see how much that is in km2: 1 km2 = 1,000 m x 1,000 m = 1,000,000 m2 Consequently: 800,000,000,000 m2: 1,000,000 = 800,000 km2 Now let's mentally distribute this living space over three-story residential buildings. No skyscrapers, just 3-story buildings. The following area would be required for this: 800,000 km2: 3 = 266,700 km2 Let's put this area in relation to the area of ​​Germany in 2020: 357,582 km2 357,582 km2 = 100% 266,700 km2 = 74.58% of the area of ​​Germany or 0.18% of the earth's mainland (149,430,000 km2) In other words: If every single person were given 100 m2 of living space, and this living space were distributed over three-story houses, the entire current world population could easily be accommodated in almost ¾ of the area of ​​Germany. Not recommended, but mathematically possible. And there would still be plenty of space for parks, forests, gardens, paths, roads. While the rest of the world would be deserted. Is that what overpopulation looks like? How do you get a media-sensitive, self-indulgent humanity to look facts in the eye? Do we really know nothing better than to make life difficult for each other? What can we realize when we stand together as humanity?

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  • Earth Cooling Dramatically The deep freeze conditions in Texas have brought the state to a screeching halt. The power grid collapsed, totally unprepared for freezing temps, alternative energy failed as natural gas pumps froze. Still, Climate Tzar John Kerry says we only have 9 years left to tip the scales on global warming: Obviously, global warming cannot be responsible for so much cold, but for the brain compromised, anything is possible. Of course, climate change is real; it is only man-made global warming, which is the world’s biggest scam in man’s history is not. The real story of climate change has to do with the sun and its fluctuations and the reality that we are in for a few decades of cooling temperatures on Earth... Meanwhile, in his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Bill Gates lays out the tech breakthroughs and sweeping policies we’ll need to take on global warming when it’s global cooling we are facing. He and all who support the Green New Deal are being proved wrong, and in this case, dead wrong as people die from the increasing cold. The overall Green New Deal calls for ending the use of oil and natural gas, moving to electric vehicles, solar, wind, and geothermal power, imposing carbon taxes to reduce C02 emissions, and providing government subsidies to non-carbon-based energy technologies. Translated, like Germans, are experiencing today, it is a plan to freeze to death millions. In Germany, all the solar panels are covered with snow, and there is no wind to drive wind farms. Germans are in trouble, cold trouble. Texans are facing the same as wind turbines freeze.

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  • Hot Topics that need to be discussed at the 2021 Climate Conferences Climate change is a natural Earth cycle, in response to Sunspot cycles and space weather activity among other complex environmental influences. The climate change debate on emissions is solely designed and engineered for reasons that provide political control and unfairly repressive sanctions over developing countries such as Africa and other countries that have been made to submit, so that more powerful countries gain access with emission cuts, whilst the Western world can exploit their natural resources and make trillions from trading carbon and carbon taxing. The Earth’s climate changes, this is a natural cyclical event that has been going on for millions of years as have sea level rises and falls. Changes that we have documented some of these changes in the Vostock Icecores a record that goes back for 450,000 years, at times temperature can lags behind CO2 levels, or visa versa, it can switch back and forth all the time. At times CO2 levels are higher than temperature, before the industrial age of human civilisation, these changes are natural ebbs and flows cycling countless times over the ages. Do these politicians, and investors ever tell you about the trillions they made from taxing CO2 or how much milage and manipulation they get out of repressing third world countries like Africa and Asia and South America, which they punish with sanctions, yet the USA is the biggest polluter and who restricts the USA? Nonetheless, we still need to stop consuming oil and gas, yet very little of this is discussed in the government talks on climate. Cutting emissions won’t impact climate change, it never has and never will be a viable solution. Carbon tax just makes bankers and politicians richer and poor countries poorer. Meanwhile, scientists and ecologists wonder why there’s less than half the insect and bird diversity than we had 45 years ago. Government chosen and funded experts fail to connect insect disappearance to geoengineering which is causing global ecosystem collapse geoengineering also includes electromagnetic pulsing of clouds to move natural weather patterns in ways that are often done covertly by HAARP stations around the world. The official narrative of chemicals being used by geoengineering scientists is Sulphuric Acid, H2SO4 and Sulphur Dioxide SO2. Remember the term ‘acid rain’. The accumulative effects of Sulphuric acid and Sulphur dioxide is detrimental to plants and wildlife, Sulphuric acid causes leaching of nutrients from plants and from soils and destroys coral reefs in the oceans. Plants die from being exposed to long term spraying of SO2, necrosis forming on the leaves of trees and crops is a sign, and its everywhere in forests today many tree leaves show spots of necrosis from SO2. In a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1979 it was stated that ꞌꞌPlants have been found to be injured by high concentrations of Sulphuric Acid Aerosol, 100 to 200 mgs/m3 for four to 16 hours a dayꞌꞌ. Read more below

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  • Millions of seconds not years

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  • If your sensitive feelings will be hurt by climate changes, stop nuclear experiments first.

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  • Carbon dioxide = plant & trees = oxygen = food = human survival. No carbon dioxide = no plants & food = no oxygen = globalist agenda of reduced population. ANYBODY SEE A PROBLEM?

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    • @Tim Foster what the fuck is woke abuse?

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    • @Frank Reynolds .Ah woke abuse, nice. Hot air is also a problem.

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    • Idiot. Carbon dioxide is necessary. Too much is problem.

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  • Co2 is plant food, not pollution and if you lower Co2 to 200 PPM, 97% of the trees and plants will die. The sun controls our climate and temperature. In 2011 we witnessed some of the largest solar flares ever seen on the sun and the very next day we had record high temps around the world. Co2 has a specific gravity of 1.5 while air has a SG of 1.0, which means Co2 is heavier than air and cannot float up and create a heat trapping greenhouse canopy. Even if Co2 could create a canopy, it has been proven that it does not trap heat.

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  • ebityasousaisenn tekotohadaitouryousenn?

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    • isyourkeyboardfukenbroken

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  • All that and he is not even in Glasgow.

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  • Meeting karte jou karte jou aur solution kuch mat nikalo Salo.... afforestation is the only way. Why don't you bloody meeting holders understand that?

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  • Jesus Christ. I thought this was over after the absolute fraud Al Gore, with his BBC backing, was exposed. We were supposed to be under water now!!! Cults always claim "the end is nigh" in "a few years time". If you sit it out though, it never happens. Corrupt unethical BBC - we know what you, trash like CNN, and a niche group of Left wing whackjobs are up to. Here is some real news (unlike the fake shyte you pump out): WE AINT BUYIN IT. We know you want to whack up our taxes, and line the pockets of big corporations and London elites via big subsidies for ineffective, flacid, and expensive green energy schemes. The poorer working person will be priced off the road and price out of heating their homes. Go do one. Your goal at trying to create a false impression of a mass public backing for this is failing.

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  • There are other types of getting ⚡

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  • ふくしまがあざぶならかとりっくはあやつられてりゅ

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  • ebityasousaisenn tekotohadaitouryousenn?

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  • Defund the BBC

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